MAYOR HARRY KIM: "I think the Gods above found the most special place on Earth, called Hawai`i, and put the people of Polynesia here and together created the most special place of people and ground on God's given Earth." He said this at the 2004 dedication for expansion of Volcanoes National Park in Ka`u. In 2005, he signed a $500,000 money bill to help purchase Honu`apo. Mayor Kim is at 25 Aupuni St., Hilo, HI 96720.
GOVERNOR LINDA LINGLE wrote that the inland addition to Volcanoes National Park is a "dream come true" and will help preserve many of Hawai`i's prehistoric cultural and natural sites. To encourage her to help preserve the Ka`u Coast, contact her at: Executive Chambers State Capitol Honolulu, HI 96813; Call 808-586-0034; Fax 808-586-0006; Link to email gov:
BIG ISLAND COUNTY COUNCIL MEMBER BOB JACOBSON led the successful effort for the council, which contributed a $500,000 pledge to help buy 225 acres to include Honu`apo fishponds and a mile of shoreline within a county park. "This recreational and wildlife resource has to be preserved forever," he said. Honu`apo will be the largest county park in all of Hawai`i. Jacobson is now working to preserve Punalu`u, which is planned for development. Contact:  961-8263. Write:  25 Apuni St., Hilo, HI 96720. Email:

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